Friday, November 20, 2015

The Best Blog Ever

Our season is wrapped up and it was a good one.  I'm proud of our players for giving 100% to all that they do each day and it shows in the results.  We understand the importance of the process and we talk about it a lot.  We understand the importance of enjoying the competition and we have a ton of fun.  We understand the idea of working every day to be better than you were the day before and we did that this fall.  We will be ready when the spring season rolls around!

Why is this the best blog ever?  Because, I'm not going to write one.  I'm simply going to have you check out one of my student's blogs on her website.  Casey Grice just earned full status on the LPGA. Her blog celebrating this achievement speaks to all I just said above.  Success is based on many things, but the most important thing is, understand your own definition of success.  Also, understand the path is filled with helping hands and the relationships that you build might be the best part of the journey.

Check it out here:
Casey Grice Golf

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