Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Resolutions and Athletes

Successful athletes are a different breed of people than the average Joe.  They see the world differently.  They don't live in a world of resolutions that succeed or fail.  They live in a world of almost constant failure from which they learn to find success.  Consider any sport and you'll find more failure than success.  Baseball players swing and miss.  They make errors.  They throw balls instead of strikes.  Football players throw incomplete passes or worse yet, interceptions.  Receivers drop balls and running backs fumble.  Tennis players make double faults and miss the easy lob.  Golfers miss fairways, greens and putts routinely.  Skiers fall, divers splash and racers crash.  The ways an athlete can fail could go on forever, but none of those failures define them.

Successful athletes consider their failures as opportunities to learn.  They are short on memory and long on determination.  They feel as though the harder they fall, the higher they will bounce back.  They don't live in the world that sportscasters create of "must wins" or "past failures".  They live in the world of preparation for the next opportunity.

If you want to be a successful athlete, you need to understand that you will never reach a point that signals you're through learning.  The better you become at your sport, the more you will understand you have much to learn.  If you achieve your goal, it's time to set a new one.

Failure is an incident, not a state of being.  The process to perform is constant and a failure signals a need for better focus, changes or determination.  It doesn't mean you give up on the process, it means you adjust and renew your commitment to what you want.

Resolutions are flimsy and are judged as either successful or not.  Goals are different because failure is a part of the process of achieving them.  Successful athletes know how to deal with failure.  Failure is a guide to the next step.  Failure is an opportunity to learn.  Failure is the chance to take a close look at the process.  Failure indicates something is lacking.  Failure is merely a step toward success.

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