Saturday, February 27, 2016

Summer Scheduling for Recruits

Junior golfers, it’s time to get busy on your summer schedule. My two questions for you are, where will you play and what goals have you set for your summer play?  Once you know the answers, share them with your prospective recruiters, your pro/coach and anyone else on your team.  Here are some ways you can approach your scheduling.  

Your tournament schedule should depend on your age, your ability to score and your financial situation. Start by playing local events until you win. Then move up to state events and then national. Learning to win is an important part of the process and leads to confidence when you take your game to the next level. Taking your game to the next level is a constant process that never quits. You might think that it is over when you get a college scholarship or make the LPGA, but there will be new levels when you hit those goals, too.

In Texas, for example, we watch scores of young players on both the Legends Tour and the TJGT. Both tours offer plenty of weekly tournaments for local kids and also the opportunity to work your way up to their major events that draw players from around the State and Region. They also offer AJGA PBE points, as do many of the events listed below.


You can view your summer schedule in many different ways.  One goal you can set is for Polo Points.  If you do this and you play well, you will increase invitations to AJGA Invitationals and give yourself a shot at Polo All America Team, Junior Solheim Cup and Wyndham Cup.  

You gain points with high finishes in any AJGA event or in the following events.  Check out the schedule here:

You can also gain Polo Points by playing in the following events.  These are the summer events.

Don't pass up the opportunity to compete for your national championship!  Enter your local qualifiers.  You can find the qualifiers for the US Girl's Junior, the US Women's Am or the US Women's Open at

World Amateur Golf Rankings are another goal you can set for your summer.  Many college coaches check them regularly.  Here are some additional tournaments that are used by the WAGR.
Your State Am or Match Play or Junior Am
and of course, the AJGA events mentioned above will also count.  You have to finish in the top 3 of an event to get started in the rankings.

Parents often ask me where I'll be in the summer, but the truth is, I never know until I get the summer schedules from the players I want to watch.  My assistant David Von Ins and I work to cover the big events in Texas to show support for our junior players.  However, we will jump on a plane in a minute to see a great player who has shown mutual interest.  Parents also ask what we look for in recruiting.  Win at the local level and put that on your resume to get our attention.  We want competitors!  We also want players with strong character, good grades, an attitude that sparkles and the ability to get the ball in the hole.

We hope to see you on the course this summer.  Good luck and good playing!

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