Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday Golf

Super Bowl Sunday Team Practice
Noon -
Warm up your game and get ready!
Meet on practice green in short game area.  You will have 5 team challenges.  For every challenge you win, you can add 1 club to 1 hole in the on course competition.
Challenge 1: 2 Minute Warning Drill:  You have 2 minutes to get as many up and downs as you can.  You can have anyone on the team chipping and/or putting.  You will then switch and do the same drill from the other team’s flag.  Your score will be the total up and downs you get.  
Challenge 2:  Field Goals Challenge:  Hit a shot through the cross bars.  The team that gets all three players through in the fewest chances wins the challenge.  
Challenge 3:  Running the Ball - Putt from the tees on the ground.  A make is worth a first down and you move the chains.  You get 4 tries from every tee (1, 2, 3, and 4th down!)  If you miss all four putts, you turn the ball over to the other team.  The turnover causes the other team to start at the first tee and cover the same ground.  The first team to get to the last tee and make it wins the challenge!  You can choose who putts from each tee or take turns.  Your call!  At the 2nd turnover, you start from the tee you last made a putt.  
Challenge 4:  In the Trenches:  Get 2 balls each into ring from the bunker.  The team that does it in the fewest tries wins the challenge.
Challenge 5:  The Hail Mary:  All 3 of you will putt from the tape to the hole at the end of the green.  The closest of the three is your team’s ball and the closest between the two teams wins the challenge.  

On Course Game
You are playing the Blue at 1:23 and 1:32 from the tournament tees. 9 holes today!

This game will be like today’s Super Bowl!  You will need strategy, teamwork, effort, spirit and a little luck.  Good luck and have some fun!

Play with your team.  You get 1 club + your putter per hole.  Once a club is used for a hole, it cannot be used again.  You are playing alternate shot in your 3 some.  You have to take turns teeing off.   For example, the Texans might choose to have Celli tee off on #1 and the team might choose a 5 iron.  All Texans must use their 5 iron for the entire hole.  They may also use their putter.  Celli would hit every 3rd shot and tee off again on #4.  If they win a challenge, they could choose to add a wedge or driver to the hole. The extra club doesn’t count as a club out of play.  A challenge win only allows an extra club on one hole.  We will flip for who tees off first.

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