Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bounces are Bounces

A quick blog this morning about teaching playing the game and about how important thought process is in learning to score.  One of our freshmen declared that she had a ton of bad bounces on day one of qualifying.  I hear this from parents often when I recruit, too.  A bounce is a bounce.  If it's a bad bounce, it's probably due to a slope or a hard spot.  Sure, you can occasionally hit a sprinkler head and get a true bad bounce, but for the most part, you hit it to the place where the bounce occurred, so if it's bad, you caused it.

This is the ultimate test of accountability for a player, but it's important for learning how to play the bounce.  Our new course is very firm.  You have to plan for bounces, kicks and roll outs.  If you spend your time pondering why you're getting bad bounces, you won't be learning.  Forget the judgment and watch the ball.  Remove your emotions from the outcome and instead accept it.

A positive attitude means no complaining, no whining and no excuses and that includes bounces!

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