Monday, September 26, 2016

Kyle O'Brien Stevens - A True Champion

Kyle O'Brien Stevens is a great lady and a great golfer.  She was a Mustang and she won the 1979 National Championship as both an individual and as a member of the winning team.  She's quite a competitor and also a great friend to the program.

A few years back, she came by to address the team.  It was a fantastic speech and she gave me her notes.  Here is a recap for all to see.  Within it are some great pieces of both advice and insight into how a Champion's mind views the world.

Four Keys to Championship Play (Kyle Stevens)

1.  Be grateful for EVERY opportunity that has come your way in all areas of your life.

  • Parents, family, school, teachers, coaches - No one succeeds alone.  Thank them often!
  • Golf is an incredible game that you're gifted to play, so respect it.  Know it is a game and that it is bigger than all of us!
2.  Have really SPECIFIC SIMPLE goals.

  • Step by step improvement in specific areas is key.  Know your strengths and know your weaknesses.  Know EXACTLY how to keep your strengths intact and know EXACTLY what to work on with your weaknesses.  (This is where gratefulness and respect enter into how you practice).
  • Commit to IMPROVE!! Don't "hope" to get better.....GET BETTER!!  This fits in with committing to the goal no matter what it is.  Ex:  you notice you aren't finishing well....examine your rest habits, your diet or lack of, work outs, problem areas playing, your thoughts (where is your focus?), etc.
  • Pick out the little things to improve upon and the big things will handle themselves.  This applies to every area of your life, because if one area is not disciplined, it bleeds into the others.
  • This is the biggest issue I see with your age group.  You aren't having "fun" playing.  Sooooo serious all the time about everything.  REALLY!!!!  This goes back to the grateful point.  You are so fortunate to be where you are so ENJOY it!
  • WORK HARD/PLAY HARD  Nobody worked harder or smarter than I did, but also, nobody had more fun than I did or than our team had.  When it's time to shut if off, do it.  Spend time with people who are positive, fun to be with and in a different world than yours to help you do that.  
    • RESPECT AND ENJOY YOUR TEAMMATES!!!  Desire to be the best on your team, but at the same time, desire your teammates to do even better.  EVERYONE WINS!!  #1 point is to  be a GREAT teammate.  I always wanted my peers to respect me more than anything and I always want people to say that knowing me made their life better.  This point goes in all areas of your life as well.
4.  Commit to a WINNING ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!
  • I think this was our greatest asset as individuals and as a team.  We did NOT settle for anything less than our best effort.  Are you settling for something less than your best?
  • What your mind conceives, your body will achieve.  Do you really believe that?  Using all the info above as your foundation and understanding that your MIND IS YOUR GREATEST ASSET!!  It will either help or hurt you depending on your THINKING.
  • FOCUS is simple.  Each shot/execution/Class Behavior = Success!!!!
The 1979 National Championship SMU Women's Golf Team

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